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Mental Note--November 2014
Mental Note--June 2014
Mental Note--January 2014
Mental Note--August 2013
Mental Note--May 2013
Mental Note--April 2013
Mental Note--February 2013
Mental Note--Winter 2013
Mental Note - Fall 2012
Mental Note--June 2012
Mental Note - March 2012
Mental Note--December 2011
Mental Note--October 2011
Mental Note--August 2011
Mental Note--Spring 2011
Mental Note--Fall 2010

 Mental Note delivers news from MPS 

Mental Note, the electronic newsletter of the Michigan Psychiatric Society, is delivered via email.  Current and past issues are linked in the navigation column on this page, and include links to the full-length articles.

Members who are not not receiving Mental Note via email, who wish to do so, contact MPS at


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